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365 Project

Day 45

Valentines day beer. Served it with a steak and arugula beet salad with blue cheese. Review.

Day 44

Adelaide gold in Templeton

Breakers at Morro Rock

Day 35

Niece Portrait

Niece portrait. ISO 400 on my 10D, which is pretty much the upper limit in noise for this camera.

Day 26

Day 22

This is what happens when you don't wear a sea bra

Day 21

Rock hopping in Santa Pozorita

Day 19

Park Portrait

I stitched together 30 pictures taken at 70mm f/2.8 and composted them to give an effective composure of 30mm f/1.3 with a very wide angle. This technique is commonly referred to as the Brenizer Method.

Day 17

Golden retrievers in the dusk

Riding off into the golden sunset.

Day 15

Sunset at San Luis Bay.

Sunset at San Luis Bay.

Day 13

Blue water

I spent an hour with a dropper in my light box, trying to capture blue drops. The only interesting picture I captured was when I bumped the camera and almost knocked over the tripod...

Day 12

A German pilot style watch. Practicing my macro photography and home-made light box.

Using two different light sources with different color temperatures was not such a good idea.

Day 10

Sunset view from west side Paso Robles wine country.

Day 9

Silk scarf and felting stone.

Day 8

Christmas has come and gone...and so has our christmas tree.

Christmas has come and gone...and so has our christmas tree.

Day 7

Day 6

Have you been good this year?

Have you been good this year?

Day 5 – Artist’s Palette

Day 4 – Smoke

Day 3 – Self Portrait

Self Portrait

Day 2 – In-N-Out

Decided to grab a burger on the way home.  So glad I did.

Day 1 – Ringing in the new year with a bang!

Happy New Year!

Day -11